Technology Convergence

Technological convergence is the trend of technologies to merge into new technologies that bring together a myriad of Devices, Media, People and Process.

The Internet is perhaps the most widespread example of technological convergence. Virtually all entertainment technologies – from radio to television to video to books to games – can be viewed and played online, often with greater functionality than they have in their primary technology. Communications technologies, as well, can be used, with the Internet replacing fax machines, telephones, video phones, and the postal service.

While technological convergence gives consumers the convenience of having many devices all in one, saving on both size and cost, there is an initial tradeoff in quality, however, this disparate quality is reduced to a virtually unnoticeable level.

The Technology convergence plays an important role in Business and brings about:

  1. Reduces Total Cost of Ownership
  2. Competitive Edge


Our Service Offerings:

    • Business Process Automation
    • EnterpriseService Oriented Architecture
    • Devices (Enterprise Applications,  Tablets, M2M)
    • IT Solutions (Infrastructure, Cloud Services, Servers Rationalization)
    • Documentation and Digitization


Convergence of Device, Web and Cloud (e.g. – SMB accessing the application hosted on cloud and last mile is connected through Internet, business application is accessed on Virtual desktop or Tablet or Smartphone)

The Smartphone and Tablet has evolved from the convergence of electronics with telecommunications.

Internet technology has transformed many industries including telecommunications.



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