Digital Advertising

World is shifting from Static to Digital.

Consumers are becoming more sophisticated and a marketer needs to increase his touch points. As the means and methods of communication explodes and also Eco friendly practices taking centre stage, Digital Advertising Solutions allows marketers to reach to their audience in most effective, efficient and flexible way.

While TV and Print are mass marketing medium, no one can deny the power of Point of Sales advertising.

Digital advertising is Locally/remotely controlled distribution and playback of digital content across networks of displays. It is used for delivering visual messages at point-of-purchase, or at any other public venue.

Why digital Advertising

It delivers what marketers are looking for today: fine-grained targeting, consumer attention, accountability and measurable Return on Investment.

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It is not only TV. It is a new and unique medium that combines the power of mass media with the precision of niche marketing. It provides direct communication with consumers at point of decision, where the viewer is either waiting for service or looking for the right product.

It leverages demographic efficiency, viewer familiarity and even interactive control to communicate marketing, advertising, informational and promotional messages in a manner that is effective and growing in popularity.

What is it in for advertisers?

Most businesses have multiple advertising options available to them. Most common mistakes marketers do today is to choose a wrong Media. Simply placing an ad in the local paper or broadcasting commercials on the radio will not drive customers to purchase a product or service. An effective advertising plan will select media that provides the greatest amount of targeted exposures for a business. So the Key word is really reach to the right target most effectively.

Let us take example of TV as an advertising medium. In today’s busy life of executives, the time spent with this medium has reduced. On the other hand, consumers have numerous options to switch the channels.

Let us look at Web as an advertising medium. Consumer while on Web may be forced to take a look at the advertisement; mostly it is restricted to a fraction of second. Other limitations also remain such as inability to show video contents for a longer impression and better quality to attract him.

Print medium is also reducing as the consumer touch points evolve towards digital contents.

What makes it WOW.

  1. Digital advertising thus provides the best form that offers -
  2. Targeted audience – Advertisements relevant to the audience present at the screen, each advertising $ utilized to the maximum.
  3. Highest Quality Integrated Content – Advertisers can WOW the consumer with extra ordinary effects.
  4. Time sharing –Advertisements can be played based on Time sequence.
  5. Refreshing your ads frequently
  6. Timeliness or On-the-spot promotions
  7. Centrally managed & prescheduled
  8. Yes, It is Green
  9. Flexible size of your Ad
  10. Interactive Digital Signage Universe
  11. Multiple Channels at the same time

How ConverBiz can help you

ConverBiz have both the right skill set and right mind set to help shape your Digital Advertising Vision. We work together with new and cutting edge concepts that enhance the value of your Digital Advertising. We help you adopt the best practices in Digital Advertising and also in System Management.

We look across the pieces and then implements holistic, process-based solutions. We engage across your organization and satisfy the branding and communication need of your company in most holistic way.

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