Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has put the society at an infliction point, where the information would be applied to bring about the efficiency in our day-2-day life. The proliferation of Internet-connected devices (estimated to be 50 billion by 2020) that interact without human intervention is creating new possibilities in data gathering, predictive analytics, and Decision Support, and one of the biggest enabler to make it happen is Machine-2-Machine (M2M)communication.

 Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology is a rapidly growing part of the global economy, especially in automotive, transportation and logistics, energy, and healthcare. The few of the use cases in the respective domains are:

Automotive: Embedded devices in your car to monitor fuel consumptions, Location Based Services, Remote Monitoring of Machines, Spares Parts management, Repair and Maintenance

Transport and Logistics: Fleet and Goods Movements tracking, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management

Energy: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Load Dispatch, eMetering

Healthcare: Critical Patient Care, Health Surveillance and Alerts,     

We in UinfoCome, would help you reengineer your business processes leveraging our M2M solutions stack, which comprises of:

1.       Level-4:Application Layer (Automotive, Transportation, Logistics, Energy, Healthcare)

2.       Level-3:Data and Service Management Layer (Subscription, SIM Management, Provisioning, Monitoring, Analytics, Service Management)

3.       Level-2:Communication Layer (CSP Network, Device Management, Authentication)

4.       Level-1: Enabling Layer (RFID, Sensors, Smart Technologies, Nano-Technologies)

Our Service Offerings:

1.       Business Process Reengineering Opportunity and Feasibility Consulting

2.       Solution Management (Architecture, Design,  Implementation, Commissioning, Life Cycle Management)

3.       Analytics (Data Acquisition, Monitoring, Predictive Analytics, Reporting)

4.       IT Integration



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