IT Driven Business Transformation

Businesses must adapt to changing and transforming markets and to consumers’ changing needs and behaviors.

ConverBiz work with his clients to identify the area of Transformation.


In order to clarify the driver necessary for transformation, ask yourself the following question: What are the factors that account for the organization's success? Was it...

  • Supply chain efficiency, design, dominance, exclusivity, and so on?
  • Distribution network size, design, alliances?
  • Vertical integration?
  • Defensible market position through differentiation?
  • Brand power?
  • The overall solution offered?
  • The creation of a system or platform?
  • Intellectual or emotional appeal?
  • Product or service features, function quality or performance?
  • Service?

In answering this question, ask yourself these two additional sub questions for every response.

  • How do we know?
  • What do we have which shows that to be the case?

ConverBiz work with Clients and Help them out to provide the Statistics using Valonomics framework.

Further to this ConverBiz work very closely with Client based on Transformation Framework, which will cover following areas.

  • Discovery
  • AS-IS, To Be [Business Process, Business Solution, IT Architecture]
  • Business Value Creation
  • Business Acceptance
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