The way businesses are transforming towards providing greater empowerment to their customers (B2C) and business partners (B2B, B2B2C), it is imperative that technology aligns with business to drive efficiencies in terms of:

  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Technology Rationalization
  • Assets (Intellectual Property, Data, Applications and Human Resource) rationalization
  • Total Cost of ownership

Accordingly, IT & Communication Technology is enabling Businesses to engage efficiently with its consumers (using smart phone & tablet), Sensors and "Internet of things" in Anywhere Anytime scenarios. IT & Communication Technologies have enabled a wave of Technology, Real-time Decision, Customer & User Engagement, pervasive communication systems and applications.

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UInfoCoME works with their clients towards realization of the "Internet of things", Mobility with Real-time prediction and Customer/User Engagement will probably require dramatic changes in systems, architectures and communications which should be flexible, adaptive, secure, and pervasive without being intrusive.

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