New business opportunities are emerging as billions of people continue to embrace the use of mobile devices. Unfortunately, IT is burdened by an overwhelming array of regulatory, compliance, security, technology, expense, organizational, policy, and legacy technology constraints that limit its ability to quickly adapt to this opportunity. Simply put, the innovation rate in mobile devices, social software, and cloud computing is accelerating faster than the enterprise adaptation rate. Enterprise mobility has grown exponentially over the past few years, primarily driven by changes in technology and employee behavior. The consumerization of IT has put mobile devices into everyone’s hands. These devices have become pervasive in everyday life, and now they’re increasingly becoming significant contributors in the business world as well. Five major mobility trends :

  • Customers driving mobile markets
  • Multiple devices in the market
  • Adaption of smart phones and tablets in workplace
  • Growth in Enterprise mobile applications
  • Cost savings, productivity gains driving mobile investment strategies

ConverBiz work with Client closely and enables Enterprise to solve their problems using Android, iOS, BlackBerry & Windows Mobile.

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