Product Re-Engineering

In a current changing market Place, rapidly evolving technologies and hardware, new demands, new challenges or the goal to achieve Global success in the current dynamic markets - all this leads to do Re-Engineer their existing legacy Product to meet the current market demands. Every product development organization needs to focus on current dynamic business or Market Demands. Our Product Re-Engineering team helps for quicker and Cost-effective transition of current existing legacy product into newer technology /platform.

Our Product Re-Engineering services follows a following process:

  • Analysing the existing legacy product, Domain, technology & existing Architecture and suggest solution to maximize ROI.
  • Identify the bottleneck areas of existing System & suggest require modification.
  • Identify the Cost effective emerged technologies stacks by open source technology development expertise.
  • Re-design robust, scalable and optimized architecture & develop without major change to the inherent functionality of the current System.
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