Business Analytics


ConverBiz outlined that Valuomics includes three major steps:

  1. Unlocking   - Innovation
  2. Prediction -  Marketing
  3. Optimization - Operation

In Current  business environment, customers are inundated with data from multiple sources, including market data, chat and e-mail data, sensor data, Web data, servicing data (warranty claims), social media data, mobile data, and call center data, etc. Here, the unlocking step is to convert, integrate, and streamline these data in order to detect problems/opportunities, analyze strengths/weaknesses, measure performance, and track success. Advanced analytics aims to provide a complete knowledge of the market, the product, the services, the technology, and, more important, the overall performance level of the company versus its competitors and the market as a whole. However, in the process, advanced analytics can also help businesses understand, identify, and test seeds of innovation.


Using Valuomics, some of the most common business challenges are addressed 

  1. Increase market share (customer acquisition).
  2. Increase customer intimacy.
  3. Increase customer satisfaction and retention.
  4. Increase customer wallet share growth.
  5. Increase customer profitability.
  6. Increase traffic and conversion.
  7. Increase employee productivity and performance.
  8. Reduce cost.
  9. Manage and anticipate competitors and gear up for new competition.
  10. Increase customer loyalty.

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