Banking and Financial Services


o   Customer Acquisition

§  Campaign Performance Analytics: in order to assess the performance of each of the campaigns a company adopts to increase the sales, basically it helps in identifying the efficiency of campaigns

§  Customer Profiling & Segmentation: This leads to better prospecting and more successful customer relationship management  in uncovering the profit drivers using the knowledge of customers, products and markets

o   Transaction Processing

§  Customer Transaction Analytics: It enables more accurate prediction of future transactions, which helps to forecast loss/profit. Changes in consumer profiles are more easily detected Score accuracy and timing should enable greater prevention of losses

§  Fraud/AML Analytics: Identification of new trends, fraudsters and claim anomalies BEFORE payments go out and it can ensure every claim is looked at the same way and find what those other adjusters have been missing.

o   Customer Relationship

§  Loyalty & Attrition Analytics: Banks become proactive in predicting that a customer will leave, or estimate the customer's remaining lifetime.

§  Text, Web & Social Media Analytics: Able to monitor conversations about the organization, Improved insights about their target markets

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§  Customer Risk Profiling: Provides greater insight into individual customers, revealing potential avenues for further investment and giving greater awareness of current and potential risk.

§  Cross-Sell/Up-Sell Modeling: Helps deliver rapid, sustainable returns on marketing investments, which results in higher net-interest and non-interest income growth and profitability

o   Enterprise Services

§  Forecasting Credit Losses: Adequate provision of capital is contingent on accurate forecasting of  losses

§  Credit Research & Trends: developing their investment ideas, and identifying potential gaps and opportunities

§  Propensity-to-pay: to find out in advance the payment pattern and hence can design their collection strategies effectively.

§  Risk Management & Modeling (includes Basel): Extract, integrate and validate risk data from almost any source

§  Customer Profitability Analytics: it can improve decision-making for multiple aspects of marketing including product and service development, pricing, and all forms of marketing communications including promotion and personal selling.

§  Portfolio Performance Analytics: Receive comprehensive portfolio performance reporting as well as individual investment results and View detailed comparison by total portfolio, asset class, investment style, and manager

Customer Lifetime Value Modeling: customer retention strategies for treating with the bank customers.


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