Media & Entertainment


o   Planning, Development & Production

§  Business & Market Research: It helps the business to proactively identify the threats and in developing new media services

§  Demand Based Pricing: Demand based pricing will always give the broadcasters a benchmark to increase or decrease the rate of programs

§  Customer / Market Profiling & Segmentation: Higher customer satisfaction from programs relevant to each segment; avoid customers who are or will not be profitable

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§  Free Commercial Time Allocation: To rightly consume the budget available for the deal while meeting the advertiser’s CPRP targets

§  Rating Points Forecasting: To make sure that the investment done on the production of a program yield the desired results and to understand the market expectations

o   Marketing & Distribution

§  Cross Channel Analytics: To measure and improve customer satisfaction across all touch-points with cross-channel analytics

§  Promo Planning: To minimize the maximum deviation of a television broadcaster's GRP targets for any date while consuming as much of the promotions time available as possible & ensuring that the promos as well as its creative are evenly distributed across the day

§  Media Mix Modeling: To support the marketing team in deciding their spend or expenses on different marketing campaigns

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