o   Procurement and Distribution

§  Demand & Sales Forecasting: To forecast the demand for a given product and estimate the expected sales across different geographies/segments

§  Price Elasticity Analysis: Helps in identifying the optimum price range for a given product and taking informed pricing actions.

o   Promotion & Campaign Management

§  Market Mix Modeling: To assess the effectiveness of different marketing activities executed in driving the sales.

§  Sales Driver Analytics: To identify the key promotions/drivers driving the key measures like sales, basket penetration rate for the categories.

§  Campaign Performance Analytics: To understand the penetration / reach any campaign could have on the performance of a product

o   Customer Relationship Management

§  Customer Profiling & Segmentation: Higher customer satisfaction from programs relevant to each segment; avoid customers who are or will not be profitable

§  Customer Loyalty  & Attrition Analytics: Proactive marketing strategies for those customers who are most likely to attrite

§  Market Basket Analysis: To identify cross sell(for product bundling) and up sell opportunities

§  Recency, frequency and monetary Model: RFM model will predict the customer behavior and it can tell when the customer will come back to the store and what will be the monetary value of the purchase.

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